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In the spring of 2018, the composer Andrés Álvarez is commissioned to create a musical piece by the wind bands of Agrupación Musical de Goián, Agrupación Musical de Vincios and UVCD de Candeán. This piece was premiered by the youth groups of these three bands in the closing concert of a 2018 summer music camp. The composer kept in mind these young musicians when he finally decided to draw on the book
Escarlatina, a cociñeira defunta (Scarlet, the Deceased Cook) by Ledicia Costas for his symphonic poem. If your birthday overlaps with All Saints’ Day, get ready for a deadly surprise. This is what happens to Román Casas, whose dream is to become a prestigious chef and requests a cooking course as a gift when he turns 10. However, he receives a black coffin with instructions on how to activate Escarlatina –a cook from the nineteenth century– and her friend Lady Horreur – a bloodcurdling spider with a French accent.– Román, next to his new friends and Dodoto the Cat, travels on the mortibus to the Underworld, where the deceased live –well, “live”– under the empire of Amanito, a spooky tyrant. This is just the beginning of a deadly odyssey full of adventures, mystery and humour.




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