SYMPHONIC SKETCHES is a symphonic wind band concerto and wind quintet commissioned by RUBATO Quintet that follows the structure of classical symphony, but, no shares all features because the duration is less than a symphony (18min aprox) and it is structured in one single movement.
Internally we find four movements but in this case are linked and disordered, from there the nickname of sketches. Divided into four movements without pause together, I.- Adagio-Andante, II.- Allegro, III.- Largo-Adagio and IV.- Presto scherzando is a composition in which they emphasize their rhythmic and colorful contrasts, where the wind quintet exercises its role concertante but without neglecting the band, that not only do the function of support.
The entire composition tour around the same chord and intervals which the composer elaborate and develops all themes.
This composition was inspired by the wind, referring to the solo training, hence its rhythmic, often unstable, their colorful harmonic which rarely has the same tonal center and its colorful and contrasts. instrumentation.


  • Year: 2015
  • Duration: 19
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