Program notes

This miniature musical for trumpet and piano which was developed as an elementary level piece, debuted at the Martin Codax Auditorium in Vigo in 2013. It is a work with few complex techniques that takes the performer towards a modal atmosphere. With its Allegreto-Andante-Allegreto tripartite structure, this piece, from 2008, could appear on the program of the final course of an elementary class. If he/she has the required technical capacity, the performer could conquer this work on their first try. Accompaniment on piano with a rhythmic ostinato can help the young performer to develop key skills and attitudes that take them beyond solo performance. Alejo Amoedo and Moises Lorenzo recorded this ‘miniature’ in 2013, the year it debuted, on their CD “La Trompeta”.


  • Year: 2008
  • Duration: 3
  • Grade:
  • Demo:
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