Program notes

Impressions is a title that suggests searching the hermeneutical sense of music, It is the title that Andrés Alvarez has chosen for this work for euphonium and piano. The execution is quite difficult for the soloist because of its large melodic leaps. This work explores the wide tessitura of the instrument, looking for the different timbres of an instrument that is not well-known. The composition of this work arises from an assignment for the Spanish Association of tubas and euphoniums, as a mandatory piece for the first competition to be organized by the association in July 2014. For this occasion, it will be performed by the Barcelona Municipal Band on euphonium and tuba even though this version was originally created for the piano. This piece which is meant to communicate a sense of ‘fun’, was heard for the first time at the Professional Conservatory of Vigo in January 2014, conducted by Ignacio Fernández.” Not only is difficult to play every single note perfectly, but also the notes must be given the right amount of emphasis so that the audience can feel the purpose that the composer wants the soloist to convey . This composition is analogue to another composition of the same composer: Diversions. Both w!orks were created with the same idea.


  • Year: 2014
  • Duration: 10
  • Band:
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