Program notes

This piece, for trumpet in C and piano, was commissioned by Rubén Simeó for his tour of Japan in 2013. Brushing all three octaves, this piece wants for nothing. Double and triple picados, ferociously fast arpeggios, legatos with impossible intervals and hairpins that push against the repose of the performer. This piece would be ideal as an assignment and elimination piece for international competitions for promising young artists as well as established legends in the field. The introduction on piano deceives with its sweet cuatriada chords and beautiful sound gives way to a swarm of notes from which even the best performer, in his or her best moment, would feel fatigued upon its conclusion. “Diversions” is what the composer wanted to convey throughout this piece. The quick, ascending arpeggios simulate the little leaps of a child and the rhythmic combinations used in the work are like the unpredictable movements of children at play. The piece, independent of its performance, has unique characteristics that are difficult to find in other works. Any listener could easily notice even the smallest error in execution, therefore the trumpeter is exposed to judgement from the beginning to the end. The accompanying pianist lacks the elements to collaborate in this performance which in some ways reflects the use of fragmented melodies of 20th century composers. This piece, included on the CD “Contemporary Trumpet” with piano by Alejo Amoedo, was heard in Japan in February of 2013, the year it was composed.


  • Year: 2013
  • Duration: 9
  • Band:
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