Andrés Álvarez was born in Goián, Spain. He studied trumpet at the Superior Music Conservatory of Vigo and

then went on to completeandres_alvarez_bn_cuadrada-1024x1024 a superior specialization in composition in the same conservatory, under the tutelage of teachers such as Juan Eiras, Carlos Cambeiro, Pablo Beltrán and Fernando Buide, among others.

Andrés Álvarez specializes in composition for bands or audiovisual mediums, working with experts such as Angel Montes, Bart Picquer, Bert Appermont, Óscar Navarro and Ferrer Ferrán.

Andrés has received various composing awards and his work has been performed widely and assigned in several competitions across Spain, as well as being played in several countries including France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Japan, Venezuela and Colombia.

In the audiovisual field, he has worked for firms such as “Adolfo Dominguez”, “Don Flamenco”, “Felicia Much” and others in several short films and documentaries.Andrés works in collaboration with the composer Óscar Navarro, serving as an assistant and orchestrator on different tasks such as the reduction of his “Concert for clarinet and orchestra” for clarinet and piano, director Fran Casanova’s work on the soundtrack to “Indiana Jones and the Search for the Lost Idol” and the orchestration of the soundtrack to “La Mula” for wind band and orchestra.

Within his busy schedule, Andrés Álvarez is often asked to give master classes for his music and composition in few wind bands of Spain, Belgium, Portugal…

Since January 2015, Andrés Álvarez is conducting the wind band Banda de música de Chapela, in Galicia, Spain.

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